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YidLife Crisis


YidLife Crisis

Jamie Elman and Eli Batalion are entertainers and educators hailing from Montreal with combined credits spanning 20 years of theatre, music, television and film – from  starring in Mad Men, House MD and Curb Your Enthusiasm to writing, directing and producing short and feature films appearing at the Sundance, Toronto, Berlin and SXSW film festivals. In the summer of 2014, their unique friendship spawned an irreverent labour of love paying tribute to the Yiddish language, culture and comedic tradition they were reared on. Calling it YidLife Crisis, they hatched the world’s first Yiddish sitcom, exploring religious, spiritual and cultural identity in their decidedly modern multicultural world. To date, the series has received excellent press, international viewership (over 2,500,000 YouTube video views) and numerous awards (including Best Comedy at the 2015 T.O. Web Fest and four Canadian Screen Awards nominations). Their “comedy peacekeeping” keeps them working with celebrities and academics alike as they bring their shtick to cities around the globe.

Why Montreal?

“Nu, why not? It’s an incredible city for many interested in the right mix of culture and language with one foot in North America and the other in Europe. It offers all the benefits of big city life while providing peace, quiet and a high level quality of life. And it has the #1 and #2 bagel shops in the world. So what more do you want already?”