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The Maccabeats

A Capella group

The Maccabeats

When this group of gifted friends from Yeshiva University starting singing together back in 2007, none of them could have anticipated the success to come. In fact, their success was kind of an accident. In 2010, the group posted a YouTube video for their song Candlelight, intended as both a parody and a Hanukkah card for family and friends. Within a week the video had reached 1 million views and today has nearly 13 million – Candlelight was an instant hit. The Maccabeats went meteoric from there. They’ve performed their unique blend of secular, religious, traditional and modern fare for audiences all over the world, including Obama in the White House. Twice. But these boys from Brooklyn have remained true to their Orthodox roots, never performing during Jewish holidays, and holding on to a strong sense of community. As the group says, “with great a cappella comes great responsibility. It is with much humility and gratitude that we take up the mission given to us, and share our music with the world.”

What is the biggest change our society must make to ensure a prosperous future?

“Humanity needs to be more harmonious. Harmony does not require sameness – rather it requires that disparate parts combine to make a more beautiful and intricate whole. It’s what we do every day as singers, but it’s also what sorely needs in this time of strife and uncertainty.”